Welcome to Family Church
Invite a friend!
we made it easy
for you

Use the graphics and text to create a post on social media or send to a
friend using text message

Easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Choose and download a graphic (see below) to your device.
  2. Add a personal invitation (samples below).
  3. Link to your small group page (to find your small group page, to go to the Group Finder, click on your group, and copy the URL at the top). THEN, post on social media, send as a text, or copy and paste in an email!

Sample Texts:

  • Hey! I love my small group and think you might too! I hope you will join me. (insert link here).
  • Join me for a small group. What is a small group? Well, come and find out! (insert link here).
  • It’s almost Fall and that means SMALL GROUPS at Family Church! Join me! (insert link here).
  • Don’t try to do life alone…let us help! Check this out: (insert link here).
Graphics (right click and save the image to download):